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The Best Tent Rentals in Indianapolis

Whether you are in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, Greenwood, Shelbyville, Columbus, New Palestine or Greenfield, Best Rentals is your best resource for all your tent rental needs.

Types of Tents

Pole tents have at least one pole under the tent that will restrict placement of equipment. Pole tents can be installed on grass or asphalt and are the least expensive type of tent. Installing a tent on asphalt increases the cost because of having to drill holes into the asphalt so that tent stakes can be installed in the ground. Tent accessories such as lights or sidewalls can be added to a pole tent. Pole tents can not be installed on concrete. Frame Tents can be used everywhere a pole tent is used . A frame tent, 40'x 60' or smaller, can also be placed on concrete and then held in place with weights or water barrels. Weights or water barrels are an additional charge . Unlike pole tents, frame tents do not have poles in the center of the tent, only around the perimeter of the tent. Therefore frame tents are more versatile but they are more expensive.

Selecting a Tent

Based on the number of guest and the type of event you are planning calculate the tent size required. Click Here to use the the tent sizing aid provided by Best Rentals. All tents can have solid white sidewalls or French Window sidewalls in the event of inclement weather and are available for an additional charge. Sidewalls can be put on or removed as needed - they are not permanently attached. Sidewall needs are determined by the event's date, time of day, sidewall utilization, and the weather that day. Contact us for assistance with choosing the proper sidewalls. Click Here for our current price of tents. Click Here for sample layouts of how your tent might be arranged. After reserving a tent we will design a layout that is right for your event. The first three layouts are free but changes after that are $30 per hour.

Site Survey

Measuring & evaluation of a tent site is available for a minimal fee - please inquire for this service. In general measuring for a tent site is easy. The area should be flat (grass or asphalt), level, dry and free of overhead obstructions such as power lines or trees. After selecting the area then simply measure the site in feet (north to south vs. east to west) and determine if the tent type selected is suitable. All tents require additional room beyond their size for staking and erection. For a pole style tent 10 to 12 feet should be added to both of the dimensions of a tent to allow for this room. Frame tents can be installed in smaller areas - sometimes areas not much larger than the tent itself - but in a case like this we would want to discuss the situation with you and most likely measure the site.

Tent Staking

All pole tents require anchoring to the ground - in the case of a pole tent for structural support - in the case of a frame tent so that they are tethered to the ground. Frame tents can be weighted down with water barrels at an additional cost but this will also limit the size of the tent to be no larger than a 40' x 60' size. Customer must notify us of the location of any underground utilities, septic systems, gas grill lines or irrigation systems. The customer should contact Indiana Dig at 800-382-5544 or www.iupps.org to have local utilities mark off any underground services. This is a free service that requires 7 business days

Tent Set-up

We install our tents prior to a event. Wedding orders are given priority for Wednesday and Thursday delivery dates to give the customer adequate time to decorate the tent, work out seating arrangements, and have peace of mind that this aspect of the wedding is complete. Monday and Tuesday are our main removal days if the event was on the prior Saturday. High winds may delay us from setting up or taking down tents due to safety considerations.

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  • All the tents you need for any occasion are at Best Rentals.

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