4 Spring Wedding Tips

Spring is almost here! And if you’re planning a spring or early summer wedding this could be a very exciting and busy time!

At Best Rentals, we’re here to help you make the event run smoothly! If you’re in need of any tables, centerpieces, or other rental items we’re here to help! We’re also here to provide you with some wedding tips to make your day wonderful.

  1. Be prepared for rain. Have you heard it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day? If your wedding is in the spring this might happen, so be prepared.

    – Ask your photographer to bring tarpaulins just in case!

    – Invest in some cute, photo-worthy umbrellas

    – If your venue is outdoor, make sure there is an indoor option as well

    – You could also invest in cute rain boots to use in photos

  2. Go seasonal. Use spring flowers for your centerpieces and bouquets. (roses, sweet peas, peonies, etc)


(photo credit: Santa Clarita Wedding Professionals)

Also, make sure the bridesmaid dresses are weather-appropriate. You don’t want them to be too uncomfortable!

3.    Allergies. This might not be something you would think about, but if you or anyone in the wedding party has allergies you want to be prepared! There is nothing worse than a bride with red eyes on her wedding day!

4.  It might be cold outside, so be prepared! You might want to find some nice shawls for the bridesmaids. If your guests will be outside, heat lamps might be necessary.

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