How to plan your own 70’s-themed party

As you saw in our last post, we hosted a 70’s-themed party a couple weeks ago. Now we’re here to help you plan your own 70’s-themed event!

Below you can find plenty of tips to easily plan your event, and we can help with your rental needs! We have tents, tables, and décor to help you throw a totally awesome disco party.

1. Create a guest list

2. Invite the guests

There are numerous websites to help you make 70’s-themed invitations. Or if you’re creative you can make your own!

3. Decorate

Depending on the style and location of your party, here are some things to help bring guests back to this wonderful decade:

-Disco ball

-Dance floor

-Ceiling to floor beads (for doorways)

-Flashing colored lights, strobe lights, black lights, or a fog machine

-Wall décor (peace signs, movie posters, etc.)


4. Plan food/beverages

Here are a few ideas:



-Carrot cake

-Pineapple cheese sticks

-Tequila Sunrise


-Harvey Wallbangers (pictured below)


 5. Decide on music

Here are some artists to help get you started:

-Donna Summer

-Kool and the Gang

-The Village People

-K C and the Sunshine Band

There was a band for the event we hosted, which was a huge hit!

Love these ideas? Contact us to host your own event, and we can help make it a success!

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