70’s-themed event!

Have you ever thought of hosting an event at an airplane hangar?

Over the weekend we did a 70’s-themed event with David Reilich, Dodd Technologies and Crystal Catering at the Indianapolis Regional Airport.

It was a complete success!

The guests arrived at a tented valet station that was carpeted and heated. From there they continued down a 100 ft. marquee tented walkway. Best Rentals provided the tenting and the heated covered walkway.

The Best Rentals team also carpeted the entire hanger, as well as built out all the performers’ dressing areas. These areas included custom leather couches and chairs.

Following David’s vision, Dodd’s design team created a 1970’s players club lounge. (Pictured below)


The main club area featured a custom dance floor with coaches, tables, chairs and a light show that was unforgettable. (Pictured below)


The food & beverage selections featured favorite foods and beverage from the 70’s, including cheese fondues and Harlem’s famous chicken and waffles. The beverages were throwbacks like Harvey Wallbangers and Little Kings beer.

Guests were truly amazed at the transformation that brought them back to a time of bell-bottom pants and eight track tapes. The outrageous setting was really spectacular!

So, if you’re thinking about hosting a more unique party, you can count on us to help make your event a success! We have the perfect tents, dance floors, tables, and event planning tips to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable time!

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