Setting the Table for Any Event

Whether you’re planning a formal event, or simply having guests over for dinner, follow these easy steps to set your table the proper way.

1. How many guests?

Before setting up the tables and chairs, it’s important to know how many guests are attending your event. Also, don’t forget about kids that may be attending as well!

2. Have you chosen linens?

Linens unify the components of the table by adding color and character, so choosing the right linens are very important! Depending on the occasion, different colors and patterns may be more appropriate than others. For example, if you’re planning a more formal event, you may want to choose linens that are lighter in color, such as white and ivory, and those with smoother textures. For more informal events, you have more flexibility and can choose colors of all shades, and textures from smooth to coarse. You can also mix and match the colors from the tablecloth to the runners and napkins.

Below are some examples of table designs we’ve created:


3. What are you serving for dinner?

It’s important to use the correct plates, so think about what food you will be serving. You should have separate plates for salad, bread, entrée and dessert. Below is an image to help guide you when setting your table!


 4. Beer or wine?

What drinks are you serving? Beer? Wine? Champagne? It’s essential to have the proper glasses for each drink, but it’s also acceptable to put two or three types of glasses on the table to give your guests choices. White wine, red wine, champagne and beer each have their own type of glass, so make it clear to your guests what you will be serving.


5. Have you chosen a centerpiece?

Centerpieces give your table the “wow” effect. They can be simple or complex and still look elegant. Some easy ideas include: using a clear glass vase for flowers, floating candles, or pinecones (holiday parties). You can also use other types of bowls and dishes to arrange flowers or fruits. Don’t be afraid to be creative!


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